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Country Manager of Xero Canada

The straight forward answer is Yes

I identify as being a micro-influencer in the Fintech industry.

Through my passion to investigate, test, and teach about Fintech my personal brand (Jennie Moore), boutique bookkeeping practice (Moore Details Inc.) and social learning initiative (Fintech Details) have fallen under the category of being an influencer as defined by Competition Bureau Canada. 

What makes me different than negative influencers on social media?

I only work in the Fintech Space

I personally test the applications I advocate for in my own boutique bookkeeping practice

I only work with brands that have deeply embedded values and corporate culture

My advice to you is to always ask questions when you see a post on social media to make an informed decision. Every Influencer is required to disclose their affiliation with a brand in which they receive compensation. Look for hashtags that indicate #Sponsored #Ambassador #Partner.


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